Look Past the Party Label

By Ann Stone

What will this Congress look like for women’s rights after this election?

If control of Congress switches from Republican to Democrat won’t that mean a woman’s right to choose will be safe?  The answer is “not necessarily.”

When Republicans For Choice was founded following the Supreme Court’s Webster decision back in 1989 (the first decision that almost overturned Roe) the majority of state legislatures were Democrat-controlled.  Congress was Democrat-controlled.

Some of the most active anti-choice activists in office were Democrats.  And many still are.  The Democrat’s Leader in the U S Senate, today, Harry Reid, for example is a strong opponent of a woman’s right to choose.

So we founded Republicans For Choice (RFC) to help you look past the Party label.

If you are an active member of RFC you have already received our candidate listing of all Republican candidates.  We have included those running for Congress (House and Senate) and for Governor and what their positions are on a woman’s right to choose as well as on embryonic stem cell research (there are some anti’s who are good on stem cell research).  If you need another copy let us know by email.

We do not post our full listing since we know our site is monitored by the opposition so we don’t want to give them an easily accessible target list of our friends. We will share it upon written request with friendly press and those who join with us.

Many of our strongest pro-choice GOP officeholders are under attack.  Some may lose.  But the sad irony is they will lose not because of their position on Choice….but because voters will unfairly paint them as anti-choice and anti-stem cell research and pro-Bush just because they are Republican.

So our plea to the voting public is this….if you care about preserving a woman’s right to choose…take the time to find out the real position of the candidates.  Look past the Party label. 

And also understand this…it takes a whole lot more principle and courage to be a Republican running as a pro-choice advocate than to be a Democrat.  So if you are lucky enough to have two pro-choice candidates to choose from…please reward the courage of the Republican with your vote.

We have some races we are especially concerned about …Nancy Johnson, Deb Pryce, Sue Kelly, Chris Shays, Rob Simmons, John Sweeney  all have tough races for their re-election in the House. Senator Lincoln Chafee who survived a vicious primary challenge by an anti-choice activist is behind in his race.  We are more optimistic about our good friend Senator Olympia Snowe who has been such a leader for women in the Senate.  These wonderful, honest, dedicated legislators all deserve your support. 

Remember as well when you vote for a pro-choice Republican you not only get a candidate who trusts women to make their own decisions and who fights to keep government out of the bedroom as well as the boardroom…but they also believe in lower taxes so you get to keep more of what you earn!  Such a deal!!


Rudy Giuliani Says Abortion Should Not Be Litmus Test for Court Picks


  Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani running for the Republican Presidential nomination, told reporters that he would not use a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee's abortion-rights position as a

"litmus test." 


 "Abortion is not a litmus test," Giuliani said, "No particular case is a litmus test. That's not the way to appoint Supreme Court justices or any judge." 


   He also said he would not rule out choosing a judge known to be an opponent of abortion rights if he "thought that on 20 other issues" the judge "would be terrific."
    Ann Stone, National Chairman of Republicans For Choice, commented that they were more concerned by Giuliani's praise for Justices Scalia and Thomas than by his litmus test comments

    "I believe Giuliani can appoint the kind of strict constructionists he wants who would still uphold Roe.    We will continue to put pressure on him to counter what the Right is doing to try and sway his   appointments the other way. Women's rights, their health and the welfare of their families are at stake.    We need Justices that recognize the importance of women having control over their lives and their bodies  so they are able to participate in today's society to the fullest."


Fred Thompson Work for NFPRHA Revealed

    Former Sen. Fred Thompson (Tenn.), who is expected to announce his candidacy for the Republican Presidential nomination, charged about $5,000 to the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association.


Thompson billed the group for 3.3 hours of lobbying "administration officials," as well as for 22 conversations with former NFPRHA President Judith DeSarno, according to billing records from Arent Fox, where Thompson worked part time from 1991 to 1994.

    DeSarno has said that in 1991, NFPRHA hired Thompson to urge the Bush Administration to withdraw or relax a federal policy on funding restrictions for clinics that provided abortion-related counseling. Minutes from a NFPRHA Board Meeting on Sept. 14, 1991, reportedly state the group had "hired Fred Thompson Esq. as counsel to aid us in discussions with the administration" on the abortion-counseling policy.

    Thompson spokesperson Mark Corallo on July 9 denied that Thompson worked for the group, but on July 12, Corallo said Thompson has "no recollection of doing any work" for NFPRHA. Thompson in a July 11, 2007 column posted on the blog Power Line said he does not remember but will not dispute evidence alleging that he lobbied for NFPRHA. 


    Ann Stone, National Chairwoman of Republicans For Choice, said that the Fred Thompson that helped lobby for NFPRHA is the Fred Thompson she remembers from a meeting in Tennessee who was more pro-choice in his thinking...

  "I remember being excited that he was going to run only to have him go hard right once he actually declared. We will have to wait and see if he can be educated as to the real implications of his professed position and whether he can come back to the 'Real Republican' position of less government interference in one's life."


    Recently Thompson announced his position as definitely being anti-choice. 
 Flip Flop?




Coalition of Mainstream Republican Groups Condemn Rejection of Unity Plank

For all the latest headlines from the Republican National Convention, be sure to visit our Headlines and Press Release sections.

Committee Adopts Draft; Some Grumble

GOP debates 'unity' plank in platform

AUGUST 25, 2004 - Draft GOP Platform Language Divides Party --- Rejection of Unity Plank Sends Dangerous Message to Fair Minded Voters

Photo by: Michael Damsky

Ann Stone, Chair of Republicans For Choice, joins with reps of Log Cabin Republicans and the Republican Youth Majority at national press conference to announce their plans for the Republican Platform Hearing and Convention in New York.

Help us push for the Unity Plank in the 2004 Republican Platform.

Republicans for Choice has been working hard this year to ensure that the Republican National Committee and Party leaders hear your pro-choice voice.

This year, the Republican National Convention has created a website for Republicans to voice their concerns and ideas regarding the Platform. This website will be open for the review of all Platform Committee Delegates for their use in evaluating what issues should or should not be included in our Party Platform.

We need your help!

Read RFC's suggested changes to the Republican National Platform below, copy and paste to your own email and submit to the republic platform staff by clicking on this link.

1 “We recognize and respect that Republicans of good faith may not agree with all the planks in the Party’s Platform. This is particularly the case with regard to those planks dealing with abortion, family planning, and gay and lesbian issues. The Republican Party welcomes all people on all sides of these complex issues and encourages their active participation as we work together on those issues upon which we agree.” Read more on this...

2 Strip the Human Life Amendment out of the abortion plank. It has been in the Platform since 1976 and even the GOP Congress won’t dare vote on it. If they can’t vote on it – take it out!! Read more on this …



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