Pro-Choice Favorable Republican Organizations:

The Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP)
A crisis pregnancy is personal. The decision to terminate or carry to term and/or choose to have the baby adopted is personal. It's not a Republican issue and it's not a Democrat decision. It should definitely not be politicized.

Women of means or women with health insurance have the luxury of deciding to terminate a crisis pregnancy without financial consideration.

Low income or poor women have the added burden of coming up with the money needed to pay for the procedure when choosing to abort. The Women's Reproductive Rights Assistance Project (WRRAP) was formed to help eliminate that financial burden.

Please help WRAPP to help women in need all over the country. Learn more about them by clicking here.

My Party Too
Inspired by a drive to get back to the fundamentals of the Republican Party, advocates for the historic Republican principles of liberty, individual responsibility, and personal freedom.

Republican Liberty Caucus 
Organization working to restore the Republican party's pro-freedom roots.

United Republican Network

The following is a link to the pro-choice side
of an on-line debate hosted by the Republican Liberty Caucus:

The California Republican 
League (CRL)

supports the traditional Republican principles of limited government intrusion and greater personal responsibility and opportunity.

The WISH List
Promotes and supports viable pro-choice Republican women candidates for U.S. Senate, House and statewide office. 

Republican Main Street Partnership
Founded in 1998 to promote centrist ideas, policies and legislation among Republican officeholders and candidates, the business community, individuals, organizations and institutions across the country.

Republican Youth Majority
A national network of pro-choice, pro-environment, fiscally-conservative college students and young professionals working to train new leadership for the Republican Party.

The Ripon Society
A research and public policy organization whose objective is to help make the Republican Party the permanent majority party by promoting moderate Republican principles.

The Log Cabin Republicans
A national organization of gay and lesbian Republicans, with 50 chapters in 35 states and over fifteen thousand members, which supports Republican candidates for federal office through direct PAC contributions and through the efforts of its local chapter membership.

REP America
A national grassroots advocacy organization of Republicans for environmental protection. Affiliated with REP AMERICA is Republicans For Environmental Protection, an independently-run political action network which mobilizes grassroots support for endorsed GOP candidates but does not make PAC contributions.

Non-Partisan Pro-Choice Resources:

The Alan Guttmacher Institute
The Institute conducts research, policy analysis and public education on the issue of reproductive freedom. AGI seeks to inform public opinion, provide assistance to policymakers and strengthen program development.

The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy
The Center for Reproductive Law and Policy is an independent, non-profit legal organization dedicated to ensuring that all women have access to appropriate and freely chosen reproductive health services.

National Abortion Rights Action League
The NARAL Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1977, supports in-depth research and legal work, publishes substantive policy reports, mounts public education campaigns and other communications projects, and provides leadership training for grassroots activists across the nation.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Provides comprehensive reproductive health care services to women and families around the country. PPFA advocates public policies which guarantee access to such services and provides educational programs which enhance understanding of individual and societal implications of human sexuality. 

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan source of information for policymakers, the media, the health care community, and the general public. Through grants, studies, briefings, and public education activities, they seek to enhance the quality of debate on health issues and help develop more effective solutions to the nations health care problems. Web site includes daily online report of reproductive health care news. Also visit The Daily Kaiser Report

National Family Planning
and Reproductive Health Association

Founded in 1971, the Association is a non-profit membership organization established to assure access to voluntary, comprehensive and culturally sensitive family planning and reproductive health care services and to support reproductive freedom for all.

The Cato Institute 
Our favorite think tank, The Cato Institute consistently recognizes personal rights.

Catholics for a Free Choice

Medical Students for Choice

The Republican Party's National Organizations:

Republican National Committee

National Republican Senatorial Committee

National Republican Congressional Committee

Republican Governors Association

National Federation of Republican Women

State Republican Parties:

Alabama Republican Party

Montana Republican Party

Alaska Republican Party

Nebraska Republican Party

Arizona Republican Party

Nevada Republican Party

Arkansas Republican Party

New Hampshire Republican Party

California Republican Party

New Jersey Republican Party

Colorado Republican Party

New Mexico Republican Party

Connecticut Republican Party

New York Republican Party

Delaware Republican Party

North Carolina Republican Party

Florida Republican Party

North Dakota Republican Party

Georgia Republican Party

Ohio Republican Party

Hawaii Republican Party

Oklahoma Republican Party

Idaho Republican Party

Oregon Republican Party

Illinois Republican Party

Pennsylvania Republican Party

Indiana Republican Party

Rhode Island Republican Party

Iowa Republican Party

South Carolina Republican Party

Kansas Republican Party

South Dakota Republican Party

Kentucky Republican Party

Tennessee Republican Party

Louisiana Republican Party

Texas Republican Party

Maine Republican Party

Utah Republican Party

Maryland Republican Party

Vermont Republican Party

Massachusetts Republican Party

Virginia Republican Party

Michigan Republican Party

Washington Republican Party

Minnesota Republican Party

West Virginia Republican Party

Mississippi Republican Party

Wisconsin Republican Party

Missouri Republican Party

Wyoming Republican Party

Federal Government:

Library of Congress

United States House of Representatives

United States Senate

White House

Senate Republican Conference

House Republican Conference

Political Media:



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