RFC Projects

The coming battles in Congress are only a small part of our work in the next few years.  The fight is much bigger than that...

     We push to make sure that only pro-choice or mixed-choice moderates are on the ticket for 2008.  As Senator Specter and others have told us, nothing will change with the GOP until we do that.  It is the surest way to take back the Party.

     At the recent RNC Winter Meeting RFC made sure the GOP leadership knew how angry our members were about the drift of the Republican Party so far to the Right that the Party is now seen as a Party full of meddling extremists who want to control our lives from cradle (abortion, stem cell research) to grave (Terri Schaivo). 

   Among RFC's projects for 2008 are to:

Meet with the RNC Chairman and Co-Chairman and develop concrete plans to work together to make moderates and pro-choice conservatives feel welcome back into our Party.  We will help the leadership work to return the Party back to its core principles of limited government and fiscal responsibility.  This means taking abortion out of politics!!

Carry out the liaison strategy lunch meetings with key Capitol Hill Staff.

Hire Regional Field Directors to set in motion our plans to influence the 2008 RNC National Convention (the last time we did this was in 1992 and it was very effective).  We have already identified candidates for West Coast and Midwest coordinators. 

Work with Law Students for Reproductive Justice (upon whose Advisory Board Ann Stone sits) to develop a more proactive offensive on countering legislation at the State level as well as in Congress.  RFC is tired of being on the defensive all the time!  It is time to go on the offensive.

Continue to reach out and mobilize others nationwide who agree with our approach and generate their support for our efforts.  They will be a tremendous help to our Regional Field Directors.

Continue to search for pro-choice GOP candidates to run for the seats lost by our pro-choice friends.  In as many cases as possible it may mean talking the former Member into running again.  We also have identified at least 10 other seats that we could pick up with the right pro-choice GOP candidate.

But if RFC can’t assure them of our financial and field support, these candidates will be reluctant being talked into running again.  That’s why we need the financial support of as many concerned pro-choice citizens as possible right away.

Ambitious plans?  Yes.  But I am very optimistic and energized about our chances this year.

     There is only one thing that will stop us.  It's NOT the Far Right extremists…it will be lack of money that will stop us dead in our tracks.

We have a very detailed strategic plan. But because our covert efforts are the ones that are the most successful, we dare not share everything here on the Net.

In the months ahead, this section will only be available to RFC members who are financially helping to underwrite our efforts.

Since RFC and its programs are only made possible through the generous contributions of our supporters, we feel it is only right they have access to this inside information.

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