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RFC in Major Battle to Defeat Amendment 1 on Ballot in Tennessee

The great state of Tennessee has a very important Amendment on its ballot
this November which, if passed, threatens to give its legislature control over
women's right to choose.
The Amendment is written so ambiguously it seems benign
but it is anything but
!  RFC and its national membership have
launched a major public awareness campaign to alert Tennessee
voters -- especially GOP pro-choice voters -- that they need to 

get out and vote NO on Amendment 1


A massive newspapers ad, letter campaign and much, much more has been underway across the entire state over the last 8 weeks to encourage voters to vote NO on Amendment 1.  RFC is the only Republican group working aggressively to kill passage of Amendment 1.

Click here to see RFC's newspaper ad   (please be patient - ad is large size to open)

RFC Newspaper AdAgainst Amendment 1

(That 68% figure in RFC's TN ads  is the figure from the Vanderbilt University poll of Tennessee Republicans
siding with RFC against 
the proposed anti-choice  Amendment in their state!)

The irony of all this is that Tennessee was the state that cast the last vote to give women the vote and now there's an Amendment on TN's ballot to basically take away women's rights there.  

Tennessee's Amendment 1 is far from harmless.  Don't let the ambiguity in the wording fool you!


Temporary Victory for Women in Texas 

In 2013 Governor Perry signed a restrictive law that would have forced most of Texas’s private clinics (that also perform abortions) to close down.  RFC, Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups worked hard to fight back.  Despite what Perry and some in the Texas State Legislature would have the public believe -- these regulations were NOT about safety but rather are for vengeance! 

If not, then these same regulations would have been imposed on ALL private clinics.

But their efforts have been halted.   Just weeks ago a Federal Judge ruled that these new requirements placed an undue burden on women seeking an abortion in the state of Texas.  But pro-choice supporters cannot celebrate complete victory yet.  This is a temporary win.  

Anti-choice leaders and their supporters have vowed to fight back.  But for now, private clinics may still help women with their healthcare needs -- no matter what those needs may be.  RFC commends that Texas Judge who defends the law and the rights of all versus caving to a very vocal minority.




RNC Summer Meeting in Chicago

RFC once again was the only pro-choice group present at the recent August RNC Summer Meeting in Chicago.
The good news to report is that the GOP is finally seeing the light.  In private discussions with us individual members said they do want to hold meetings to find common ground between the factions.  They are determined to not let the social issues like abortion lose them any more elections. They know the social issues are hurting them with women. Women see the GOP position on abortion as an issue of who will control a woman's life...will she or will Government?

Women see all this as the GOP disrespecting them.  So if the GOP wants to win the White House in 2016 they need to find another path in working with pro-choice Republicans...a path that can reduce abortions but not disrespect women or challenge their rights. 

Supporters and RFC volunteers who came with us to the meeting were pleasantly surprised that social issues were never discussed in any forum.  The attempt by the disgruntled Tea Party activists to go after MS National Committeeman Henry Barbour (because of his part in Thad Cochran's election) was squelched immediately. He had been the author of the forward thinking Growth and Opportunity Report after the 2012 election to which we had input.

It was very encouraging to see the GOP Leadership finally stand up to those in the Party who want litmus testing of candidates.

WIthin the next 60 days, RFC will be sending out questionnaires to November 2014 GOP candidates running for office to determine their stance on women's right to choose.  We will then work up a summary report to share the findings with RFC supporters and pro-choice voters across the country prior to Election Day.

To read one of the collateral pieces RFC handed out at the RNC Summer Meeting, click here



                                      Ann E.W. Stone and
                                                 a RFC Supporter on
                                                 break at the RNC Mtg.
                                                 in Chicago 




     RNC Chairman Priebus addressing our
     concerns at the RNC Summer Mtg. breakfast                                                                                                      



Guttmacher Institute State by State Overview of Abortion Laws 

Guttmacher Institute in their recent State Policies Brief gave a great overview of Abortion Laws.  It reinforces why RFC for the last couple of years has concentrated on staying on top of new anti-abortion laws proposed in the various states.

The antis are hoping that once they finally get a law through that prohibits women the right to abortion (and its not overturned by a lower court) -- they know RFC and other pro-choice groups will challenge it all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.  They are counting on this.  This is their real goal -- to have the Supreme Court overturn Roe versus Wade.

Click to read Guttmacher's Brief.



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